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About the Work

For reasons of simplicity, the works presented have been categorized as “Series”. While not being the exclusive works created during those periods, they remain grouped as a theme.

The “Ribbon Series”. 1980 –95. The semblance of ribbon was chosen as object because it lent itself to unique opportunities in dealing with contrasts of scale, light and dramatic compositional possibilities. The early work used ribbon as still life object and was more formalized and representational in approach. As the work progressed, a figurative element was suggested. A limited palette was chosen to create a maximum of coloristic effect through an economy of means.

The concept for the “Chair Series”, initially started in 1999, was derived from studies using a studio chair as model in some drawing exercises.

An empty chair in space is a strong visual metaphor that suggests an emotional and psychological context as well. A certain “Presence of absence” pervades throughout the work and evokes much more than mere observance of object in space. One might wonder if human presence will arrive or has already exited.

A common feature in these works is the use of simple object as models. For this artist, they are points of departure in which to establish, explore and solve aesthetic problems. And while not denying that even in their “ordinariness” these objects have meaning, it is the hope that these images evoke something larger than mere representation or allegory.

The rest is up to the viewer.

About the Artist

Patricia Genova was born in the Bronx, NY. She has taught at Herbert H. Lehman College, Iona College and is currently Assistant Professor at Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York, teaching painting, sculpture and drawing. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in NYC and surrounding metropolitan area.

She has recently been the recipient of the Artist Fellowship Grant for Painting, Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism and a PSC CUNY award for Painting.


The artist wishes to acknowledge Theo Stavropoulos, master, teacher and mentor, who truly lives his art and who taught his students the rules so that they would know to intelligently break them.

“Chair Series” is supported in part from grants from the Office of Connecticut Arts, Artists Fellowship Program and PSC CUNY Award, City University of New York.