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Some Personal Thoughts

How does one summarize, in a few short paragraphs, 30 years of working at one’s art, an evolution of thought, vision and process?

In order to spare you, gentle reader, from voluminous and tedious reading, suffice it to say that I have been extremely fortunate in having been initiated into the “language of the visual” many years ago and continue to be reinitiated every time I approach a blank canvas. It is knowledge of a universality that ties all those who participate in creating Art. This visual language, evidenced in masters’ works from every age, is unique in that it addresses the pictorial as to how and why an image “works”. Beyond subject matter, traditional or contemporary iconography and personal preferences, it is the foundation from which springs a personal dialogue with one’s work.

The concept of “study”, encompassing serious search, establishing aesthetic problems and finding solution, has been the process in the creation of the work presented; a process not for the faint-hearted but the journey every serious artist must make. It results in continuity, a visual witness to one’s individual path of growth and evolution.

And if image “arrives” or comes into being, it is the birth of an idea made visible, which takes form and becomes part of an existence independent of its creator. It is timeless; it is work that becomes a link in a chain of universal thought that extends back to the cave paintings of our ancestors.

Of course, it is the ultimate reward to establish a vision and be swept away by something greater than oneself.